March 20, 2007

Have you seen Squishy?

Our friends Barrett and Heather have lost their beloved pug, Squishy.

They send out this message:

PLEASE HELP! We lost our pug Thursday night (March 15th) at the corner of 14th and Chestnut Ave. (East Austin). She's 5 years-old, fawn colored, fixed, does not have a microchip or a collar on. She responds to her name and also comes when clapping twice. She's very friendly, very sociable, extremely sweet so if you know of anyone who's taken in a stray pug please contact us. Any and all information will be appreciated, call anytime. Ph: (512) 784-0615.

We're asking anyone who is on MySpace to please check out our sites Infinity Recording Studios and Circle Line Designs and send a bulletin to everyone you know.(A bulletin on myspace is a message that is sent to every single one of your "myspace friends"). It's a great way to spread the word all across central Texas that we're looking for our pug Squishy. You can copy the information from our MySpace pages for the post or just copy this! The more people that we can reach the better our chances of getting her back home! Plus, it's something you can do from home or work that could have an immense effect! Please help us!

If you have any information you can reach us at 512-784-0615 anytime, day or night. Thanks to anyone and everyone who can take the time to try and help!


Kaimor said...

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Rob said...

Wow. Respond to a plea for help by advertising a completely unrelated product. What a giant ass hole.