June 12, 2006

Deadwood "Tell Your God to Ready for Blood"

"Has the body been eaten yet? Don't let the body be eaten."

Matt Zoller Seitz wrote in the Newark Star-Ledger that "Deadwood" is: "the greatest dramatic series in the history of American television."

And that is not an exaggeration.

The third season of "Deadwood" kicked off in classic fashion: a murder, a brawl, half naked prostitutes, and the most eloquent profanity laced dialogue.

And you know what? It's way too complicated to explain. So you're just going to have to watch the show.


Anonymous said...

Ally -

I don't get it. And I get most things. I think this show sucks. What's so great about it? Am confused...


Queen Kandis said...

Well if you started watching it in mid-season in typical Sally fashion, then of course you're not going to get it.

They just aired the second episode of the third season, so you've missed a lot.

Netflix season one, start from the beginning and you'll love it. I swear.

Anonymous said...

Netflix? huh? And no, I haven't been living in a third-world country but does post-communist count?