September 15, 2004

I [heart] eBay

The summer I was sixteen I went to Flipnotics Coffee Space one night with Ben & Jimmy (I don’t remember if John came too). Ben just had to see Herman the German play that night. While Herman was playing, I wandered downstairs to look in the window of the Flipnotics clothing shop (back when they were far less pretentious). And in the window was the most beautiful pair of Barbie pink eight-hole Doc Martens boots that I just had to have or I would die. Well the store wasn’t open at the time, which is probably just as well since I was working at Simon David that summer bagging groceries, and I probably had all of $20 in my pocket. Once I got home I harassed my mother, probably 24 hours a day until she took me back to the store. And when we got there, the precious pink docs were gone. So I got my black eight-hole boots instead (which I still have), a much more practical choice at the time.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon an eBay listing for a pair of pink docs, the only ones available ANYWHERE as far as I can tell, and they’re in my size. And because I have the best husband in the world, Rob decided that even if it meant getting into a vicious bidding war with someone named sphycokitten77, I would have the pink docs as an early birthday present. So here they are, straight from hurricane riddled Florida (thanks Heather!) as they were always meant to be, on my feet.

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